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TBIT’s smarter new controller of the electric bike has upgr

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The new intelligent controller with blue tooth-inductive of electric bike produced by TBIT (hereinafter referred to as the controller of e-bike by mobile phone) can provide users with diversified functions, such as keyless start, induction plus unlocking, one-button start, energy profiled, one-click e-bike search, remote control and Geo-fence.

The controller of e-bike by mobile phone has been pre-sold before this year and has been installed and promoted in large-scale nationwide in April and May of this year, and has gained widespread attention in the market.

  1. The intelligent solutions of electric bike
With more than 10 years of in-depth research and research and development capabilities in the field of location services of TBIT, and the policy drive of the new national standard era , the controller of e-bike by mobile phone has become the first intelligent controller product for electric bike without the key and the remote controller.
By connecting the device to the electric bike controller, the function of the traditional key and the anti-theft lock can be replaced, and the starting speed and anti-theft performance of the electric bike are improved and strengthened. Go out with a mobile phone, no need to manually operate, you can automatically unlock when you walk into the e-bike. Non-owners and authorized personnel cannot start the e-bike, which prevents the e-bike from being stolen and stolen. If you are worried about the equipment being dismantled, don't worry, the APP will monitor it all. Once the equipment is removed and the e-bike is stolen, the alarm message will remind the owner of the e-bike in real time uninterruptedly.

      2.Helping the traditional e-bike factory to upgrade the e-bike intelligently, reducing the market losses

At present, the new national standard policy is being vigorously promoted and implemented in an orderly manner, which has given many big electric bike brands an opportunity to stifle and fight with each other.
Although big brands can be survived in the risks and can show their magic in the face of any market environment, it is difficult for small and medium-sized traditional electric bike manufacturers to survive in the risks.

That is the reason why TBIT develop and research the controller of e-bike by mobile phone, our main goal is to solve the pain points of small and medium-sized traditional electric bike manufacturers. Due to the lack of technology, talents, funds, etc., they cannot keep up with the times, and we can accelerate their integration with the new national standard market. The controller of e-bike by mobile phone can provide front loading, help them save costs, improve the intelligence and anti-destructive performance of the electric bike, and facilitate the scale promotion in the production stage and reduce the work link. It can also meet the post-installation and solve the problem of backward technology of existing stock electric bikes.




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