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Platform of TBIT NB-IOT asset positioning terminal & clo

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NB-IOT, the main technology of the 5G IOT in the future

July 17th,2019 ,in the meeting ITU-R WP5D#32, China completed the complete submission of the IMT-2020 (5G) candidate technology solution and obtained the official acceptance confirmation letter from the ITU regarding the 5G candidate technology solution. Among them, NB-IOT is one of the focuses of 5G candidate technology solutions.
This fully demonstrates that China attaches great importance to and actively promotes the NB-IOT industry, and is helping the NB-IOT industry to continue to take off in the 5G era through the national will.
In China, as early as June 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has made important instructions for the development of China's NB-IOT technology: By 2020, the NB-IOT network will achieve universal coverage in the country, targeting indoor, transportation road network, underground pipe network and other applications. The scene achieves deep coverage, and the base station scale reaches 1.5 million.
Judging from the data surveyed by various authorities in recent years, it is clear that local governments and business units are actively responding to this forward-looking directive. The number of global IOT cellular connections will exceed 5 billion in 2025, and the contribution of NB-IOT will be close to half. NB-IOT is quietly changing our lives.
Such as asset regulation, vehicle monitoring, energy, public utilities (smart meters, smart smoke), etc., can see the great role played by NB-IOT.
Among them, vehicle and asset management is one of the most mature and widely used fields. NB-IOT accurately tracks vehicles, identifies and avoids road congestion, and helps related departments effectively manage traffic problems.

New NB-IOT wireless longtime standby tracker of TBIT has produced

Based on the advantages of NB-IOT wide coverage, large connection, low power consumption and low cost, TBIT independently developed and produced the latest NB wireless long standby tracker NB-200. The TBIT NB-200 asset positioning terminal and cloud platform are a set of asset protection systems based on NB-IOT IoT private network communication. The terminal body is compact and has a built-in 2400mAH disposable lithium-manganese battery. It can work for 3 years in standby mode, and comes with a light-sensitive sensor. It is the most complete asset preservation product in China. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Added the function of WIFI positioning, wider coverage and faster transfer speed

NB-200 adopts GPS+BDS+LBS+WIFI multiple positioning, which has strong expand ability, wide application range and coverage, easy installation, fast transmission speed and low cost.

Remote monitoring, intelligent power saving, eliminating all potential risks

The user can remotely view the vehicle and asset location information on the platform. When the device is removed, the asset is moved or the vehicle vibrates/over-speed, the platform will report the alarm information in time to notify the user to process. The PSM power saving mode can ensure that the device has a long standby time. over 3 years.

Real-time tracking, vehicle information is never interrupted

An abnormality in the vehicle can turn on the real-time tracking mode, downgrade the risk of vehicle loss, and help users find the vehicle quickly.

Multi-platform monitoring, user choice is more flexible

NB-200 supports PC client, PC web page, mobile APP, WeChat public account, and WeChat applet to check the car mode to help users realize visual supervision and multi-device management.

NB-200 is the industry's first NB-IOT network wireless long standby terminal

The NB-200 has a compact appearance, built-in strong magnets, no installation, and good concealment. It is most suitable for valuables monitoring and vehicle tracking management. IP67 rated waterproof and dust-proof technology to handle most special environments in life. Since the listing of the TBIT NB-200 equipment, it has received a lot of attention and praise from many insiders. And large-scale shipments in Zhengzhou, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and other places.
The TBIT Asset Management Solution and Vehicle Monitoring Management solution can help relevant business units and government authorities (or individuals) to efficiently collect asset and vehicle operating dynamics. By monitor assets and monitor vehicle location and activity trajectories, and handle detection of abnormal conditions, it can avoid many risk problems in daily management and improve work efficiency.



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