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Implemented function

1.Real-time positioning function: Users can locate the vehicle anytime and anywhere through PC client, WEB check the car, WAP check the car, Android APP, IPHONE APP, WeChat, SMS, etc., and can check the the real-time position of the vehicle and the Chinese description of the position.

2.Track query function: Users can query the past travel data of the vehicle at any time through various means, and the length of the track saved in the background depends on the storage space of the platform.

3.Remote control function: Users can control vehicle status at any time by various means, such as: remote alarm, remote cancel alarm, unlock/lock, cut the oil and cut the power, setting/inquiry parameters, remote restart, etc. Due to the use of TCP long connection, under normal circumstances The response time is no more than 1 second.

4.Statistical analysis of data: Users can query the statistics of terminal operation at any time, such as: mileage statistics, parking statistics, offline statistics, alarm statistics, over-speed statistics, online status statistics, offline terminal query, online status statistics, online statistics by terminal manufacturers. At the same time, it also allows users to customize statistics, such as: mileage time statistics (statistical mileage between arbitrary time points), vehicle time distribution (statistical distribution of vehicles at a certain time point), fixed-point statistics (statistics on the arrival of a given location)

5.Real-time alarm push: The user can receive the alarm push for the terminal in real-time on various check car software. If the check car software is not turned on, the user can also receive the SMS alarm, which mainly includes: vibration alarm, cross-border alarm, power-off alarm, low-power alarm, heartbeat loss alarm, proximity or departure point alarm, entering or deviating from route alarm, entering or leaving the electronic fence alarm, etc.

6.Theft vehicle management: The stolen vehicle function will note the stolen vehicle which can’t be found due to the device has low battery or not find the car in time.Once the device is recharged, it will remind the manager or the owner of the vehicle.

7.Service term management: Supports the management of the device access time and service period, automatically stops the terminal device that has reached the service deadline, and notifies the user of the service status change and other information through SMS. The device has been shut down and the user cannot perform any operations. In order to prevent the trouble caused by losing the car, the shutdown device can still communicate with the platform.

8.Geo-fence management:The user can add or delete electronic fence objects on various check car software, support three kinds of fence designs of points, lines and faces, and can separately generate SMS alarms when entering or leaving.

9.Mileage reminder function: Users can check the mileage of the vehicle at any time by calibrating the vehicle mileage with the platform, and receive the vehicle maintenance and repair prompt after reaching the specified mileage.

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