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Shared scooter

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 一.The system of shared scooter:

platform server(platform management)+APP(scan to unlock)+the scooter with IOT

二.The manage functions of the platform

1. Real-time tracking of the scooter
2. Track query
3. Geo-fence management
4. Order management
5. The statistics about orders, revenues, and bugs
6. Station management
7. Bug management
8. Alarm management
9. Custom deposit and billing rules

三.The functions of APP(Android and IOS)

1. Scanning the code to rent the scooter
2. Showing the parking station of scooter
3. Appointment of borrowing
4. Station navigation
5. Wallet account management
6. Showing the  information of the scooter in the station
7. Sharing the trip

IOT Main Features
4G-LTE module LTE:CAT1\CAT4\CATM\NB1   
EGPRS :850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth BLE4.0 Receiving distance inside the scooter is 10-20 meters, depending on the installation environment
Working Voltage DC12V-72V
Waterproof IP65
Inner battery Rechargeable lithium battery:3.7V,600mAh
Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Humidity 20~90%
Size (109.78±0.15)mm × (81±0.15)mm × (31.97±0.15)mm
Maximum transmitted power 1W
Start time Hard/Cold Boot 31s、soft/warm Boot 2.7s
Positioning accuracy 10 m
The shell material ABS fire-proof material
Power consumption POWER ON & Screen on:<25mA @36V(external power)
<145mA @4.0V Backup battery
Sleep :
<6mA  @36V(external power)
<10mA  @4V Backup battery  Sleep mode
Camera  300K pixcels
LCD Screen  IPS,600 nit 
Memory  Externally extended 128M Flash
Watch dog  Prevent main control crashes 
OTA Support OTA, BMS and MC upgrade

Functions list   Descriptions
Location The device can be located in real time and can be remotely issued to obtain the current positioning information.
Setting the alarm The vibration signal, the wheeling signal, and the ACC signal are detected in the alarm state. If a vibration signal is detected,A vibration alarm is generated, and a rotation alarm is generated when a rotation signal is detected.
Canceling the  alarm The vibration signal, the wheeling signal, and the ACC signal are not detected in the not alarm state.
OTA upgrade The hardware of terminal supports OTA.
Vibration detection The terminal has the G-sensor, it is capable of detecting vibration signals. When the scooter is in the alarm state, the scooter vibration is detected and a vibration alarm is generated.
Wheel detection The terminal supports detecting the wheel signal.When the scooter is in the alarm state,when the wheel is detected to rotate, a wheeling alarm will be generated. The wheel is detected to be rotated, and the wheel will be locked when the scooter is in the not rented state to detect illegal wheel rotation.
ACC detection The terminal supports detection of ACC signals.It can detect the  power-on state of the whole scooter in real time.
ACC input The terminal supports the function of ACC, its output capacity is bigger than 2A.
Lock motor The terminal sends a lock motor command to the controller through the serial port, and the controller locks the motor.
When the scooter is in the not rented state,once the scooter has  vibration or the wheel is detected, the GPS terminal sends a lock motor command to the controller, and the controller locks the motor.
Bluetooth The terminal supports Bluetooth 4.1,the users can rent the scooter when the bluetooth of their phone is connected with the terminal and scan the QR-code in the scooter by the APP.
Internet The users can rent the scooter by scanning the QR-code in the scooter by the APP via GPRS Internet.
External electrical detection   The external power supply voltage detection, with an accuracy of 0.5V, is provided to the background to evaluate the cruising range.
The alarm of power off When the terminal detects the battery is removed and the platform can be notified to prevent the battery from being stolen.
The lock of 3.6V  battery It can be drive and detect the lock of 3.6V. 
The function of reserved voice The terminal has reserved voice function, it needs the external voice speaker and supports the voice OTA. 
Sleep  mode The terminal will enter the sleep mode after it disconnected with the external battery for 2 minutes, and it will wakes up every 6 hours.
Headlight control  The 4.2V headlight controls the circuit, the headlight current is <600mA.
inch IPS screen It supports the 3.5 inch IPS screen display with the light sensitive detection, it can automatically adjust the backlight brightness according to the brightness of the surroundings.
External camera It supports to take pictures with external camera.

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