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Smart e-bike

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The introduction of the TBIT’s solution of the intelligent e-bike:

The solution of intelligent e-bike is released by TBIT. The solution intelligently operates the electric vehicle by installing a smart alarm device with a positioning function on the electric vehicle controller or the instrument panel, thereby realizing remote control of the vehicle, automatic unlocking and locking, one-click vehicle search, real-time positioning, anti-theft tracking, Mobile alarm and other functions.

Composition of the solution:

The card of IOT + Server of the Ali cloud + The intelligent management platform of e-bike + Intelligent alarm

The function of the solution:

The controller of e-bike by mobile phone:auto start without the keys、one-button start by APP、one-click e-bike search、set/cancel the alarm、navigation、tracking history、electricity and mileage, etc.

The value of  the solution:

1.Face to the e-bike factory- big data platform
User management:user information、e-bike information、channel management;
Data analysis platform: Providing analysis report to the e-bike factory by analyzing the user's usage data;

2.Face to the dealer- find the value
Increase the dependencies of the users:Collecting the user information,and increase the dependencies of the users by the additional service;
Increase sales added value : advertisement operations capabilities, follow-up marketing campaigns, precision advertising;

3.Face to the consumer - intelligent e-bike+APP
Without the keys:Automatic identification of owner identity, automatic unlocking without the keys;
Intelligent APP:Check the power, estimated endurance, one-click search the e-bike, positioning navigation, abnormal alarm;
Special function: One-button start, one-button search the e-bike, remote lock motor, authorized others to use;

Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
BLE version BLE4.0 Inside E-bike 10-20 meters, depending on the installation environment
Working Voltage DC30V-72V
Waterproof IP65
Size (54.±0.15)mm × (54±0.15)mm × (32.±0.15)mm

Function list   Features
Positioning Real-time positioning 
Lock In lock mode, if the terminal detects a vibration signal, it generates a vibration alarm, and when the rotation signal is detected, a rotation alarm is generated.
Unlock In unlock mode, device won’t detect the vibration, but the wheel signal and the ACC signal are detected. No alarm will be generated. 
Uploading data in real-time The device and the platform are connected through the network to transmit data in real time.
OTA Support
Vibration detection If there is a vibration, device would send out a vibration alarm, and buzzer speak-out.
Wheel rotation detection The device supports the detection of wheel rotation.When the E-bike is in lock mode, the wheel rotation is detected and the alarm of wheel movement will be generated.At the same time, the e-bike won't be locked when the wheeling signal is detected.
ACC output Provide power to the controller. Supports up to 2 A output.
ACC detection The device supports detection of ACC signals. Real-time detection of the vehicle's power-on state.
Lock motor The device send a command to the controller to lock the motor.
Buzzer Used to operate the vehicle through the APP , the buzzer will sound a beep.
Induction lock/unlock Turn on Bluetooth, the e-bike will be power on when device is nearby E-bike. When the mobile phone is away from the E-bike, the E-bike automatically enters the locked state.
BLE lock/unlock Mobile phone can control the device by BLE directly without GSM network.
External power detection Battery voltage detection with an accuracy of 0.5V.

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