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As local branding business

Business Cooperation Model with Local Service Company
Business Target:
TBIT is very open to cooperate with local service running company in new service to bring this new kind of family and personal care service to your customer in your existed marketing channel.
Cooperation Model:
The cooperation with local service company who maybe has the same mobile terminal business already would make use of his great experience in distribution. TBIT will act as the provider of service and technical supporter.
Profit for Each Side:
      Ø Local partner:
         Price difference of terminal
         Service fee of platform yearly (if want)
      Ø TBIT: Revenue of selling terminal and technical support
Investment by You:
      Ø Hardware: Equipment for server and data storage, or rental of capacity in cloud system
      Ø Brand customization: Free with TBIT/Kareme brand, or cost for your own branding design
      Ø Purchase cost: Cost for terminal of trackers and watches