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As TBIT's distribution channel

Business Cooperation Model as Local Distributor
Business Target:
TBIT will strongly support the capable local agent to develop the TBIT/Kareme’s business into your local market, and we would provide technical and financial sponsor fully to our distribute channel.
Cooperation Model:
The cooperation with local distributor who must has the great experience in distribution of terminal products with good implementation capability.
The qualified candidate company will be certificated and authorized by TBIT to use TBIT or Kareme Brand to sell this service in his local market and region.
TBIT has the right to take the marketing strategy and price policy to help the local agent to retail very well in his defined market under TBIT’s channel management.
Profit for Each Side:
    Ø Local partner:
          Profit of terminal
          Marketing support by TBIT
    Ø TBIT: Revenue of selling terminal
Investment by You:
    Ø Hardware: No
    Ø Brand customization: Free with TBIT/Kareme brand


    Ø Purchase cost: Cost for terminal of trackers and watches