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For local mobile perator

Business Cooperation Model with Operator
Business Target:
TBIT is very willing to support the local mobile operator to startup this new kind of family and personal care service to your available customer as a value-added service in the new mobile internet era.
Cooperation Model:
The cooperation with local mobile operator who has a lot of existed distribute channel like mobile terminal to expand this new service very fast and easy to customer in every branch offices and markets.
Profit for Each Side:
   Ø Mobile operator:
      Price difference of terminal
      Service fee of platform yearly (if want)
      Revenue of overflow data
      Revenue of customer bundling with 24 or 36 months package
   Ø Local partner: Fee of after-sales and service introduction
   Ø TBIT: Revenue of selling terminal and technical support
Investment by You:
   Ø Hardware: Equipment for server and data storage, or rental of capacity in cloud system
   Ø Brand customization: Free with TBIT/Kareme brand, or cost for your own branding design
   Ø Purchase cost: Cost for terminal of trackers and watches