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Technical architecture in solution


Technical Architecture for Service Running


The system includes two parts logically and technically. The terminal part is the tracker for vehicle and smart watch for person, and the server part is the service platform in cloud system and the mobile APP in user’s mobile smart phone.


Flowchart of data transmission:


The location and status of target will be gotten by tracker or smart watch, and then will be transferred to remote service platform through the GPRS and IP channel. The voice message on watch will be coded into data and be exchanged to APP and other different watches in immediately communication way.



Way to use by customer: 


The result of exact location and status will be displayed on the screen of your PC, laptop, and smart phone. The owner could control their car or talk with their family members by the smart functions on the APP very easily and simply.



           Ø    Exaction location positioning
           Ø    Low power consumption technology, and flexible working mode
           Ø    Integrated with vibrate sensor, ACC detecting and oil control
           Ø    Two ways push to talk, phone calling, and group talking
           Ø    Great alarm mechanism in different situation