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KareMe New Smartwatch Ensures That You Will Never Lose Your

 Those in constant fear of losing their child will be glad to know that there is a new device that helps parents track their children.


The device, called the KareMe smart watch, is built by Shenzhen TBIT Technology Co., Ltd.


In fact, the device is pretty rich in features considering it's built for kids. It offers 16.3*5.4mm 128 by 128 pixel OLED display, along with the dimension 55*34*15mm. Because of the fact that the device is built as a safety device for kids, it has only one simple key for easy operation.


Again, because of the safety aspect, the KareMe watch uses GPS, APGS Wi-Fi and LBS in order to offer tracking, giving it supposedly "highly accurate" tracking.

Despite using all those connectivity features, the device is said to last five days on a single battery charge. It charges through a magnetic connector.


The KareMe watch is set to go on sale in China in the end of 2014, with TBIT planning an international release at the same time. It is rugged, allowing kids to continue being kids without parents having to worry about the occasional bump to the watch. The wrapping material of KareMe watch is TPU, harmless for kids to wear it.